Why MDI?

What Our Customers are saying about us:
  "The MDI scanner maintains vigilance and continuously monitors logs for foreign material. It is a very fine system. We have virtually no metal coming into the mill. It has been a very good machine."

—Bill Carden
Potomac Supply Corporation


  "Very happy with the performance of our whole log detector. It has easily paid for itself!"

—Piedmont Hardwood Lumber
Mt. Pleasant, NC


  "The recent installation of a new MDI Metal Detector at our hardwood mill is proving to be a wise investment in technology. The benefits we are realizing are increased recovery, less down-time, and increased lumber quality."

—Cersosimo Lumber Co., Inc.
Brattleboro, VT


  "It is the best thing since ice cream! I have a man in my office (saw filer) that is talking about getting some wax and waxing it because he is so proud of the way it is working!"

—International Paper
Henderson, TX


  "Whole log metal detector doing a great job!"

—Netterville Lumber
Woodville, MS


  "I have a very good feeling on your product. This is the second time that I have approached your company with a request and have been very pleased with the service you have given our company."

—Alberta Pacific Forest Industries, Inc.
Alberta, Canada


  "Love our TWA-2000 System! We have never worked with a company that took care of their customers like MDI does. It was a pleasure doing business with you, MDI is like family."

—Potomac Supply Corporation
Kinsale, VA

It's Just Better

What is your equipment worth? How much are you losing in costly down-time? You can't afford to have less than the best metal detector protecting your valuable equipment. With superior customer service and continued product innovation, MDI has established itself as the proven leader in industrial metal detection.


Join the Family

As a 3rd generation family business, MDI understands the importance of family and the loyalty that comes with it. When you buy an MDI Metal Detector you become a part of this family and we will safeguard this relationship by providing customer care and support that a family member deserves.


Customer Satisfaction

MDI will never over-promise and under-deliver. With over 41 years of experience and the leader in metal detection technology, MDI can easily determine the best and most realistic solution for your demanding installations. We're not here to make a quick sale; we're here to take care of you for the long haul.


Product Innovation

MDI's full time Engineering Department works around the clock to bring constant innovation and new technology to MDI Metal Detectors. Our customers don't have to wait for a new product release in order to reap the benefits of those advancements because MDI implements upgrades to our metal detectors continuously.


MDI Warranty

MDI offers a 3-year warranty on all of our metal detector systems. The good news doesn't stop there; MDI also provides FREE lifetime telephone technical support. And best of all, your MDI Metal Detector System will never become obsolete because we continue to support every system we've ever sold. We stand behind our customers by standing behind our products.


Customer Service

We take pride in serving you! Since 1965, MDI has been dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. MDI staffs a dedicated group of service technicians who are available to answer questions and provide free telephone technical support to all MDI customers. Another valuable feature of our Service Department is the loaner program, which keeps your mill running should you need to send in your equipment for service or upgrades.


Applications Engineering

Many of the most common problems in metal detection arise from installation issues. The MDI Applications Engineering Department can aid your business in professionally finding solutions for your metal detection requirements. Engineering the application ensures that your metal detector will run as efficiently as possible and as precisely as you were told that it would.


Custom Metal Detectors

MDI Metal Detectors are manufactured at our plant in Eugene, Oregon, which means we can customize your metal detector to meet your specific installation or application requirements. Our TWA-2000 Surround Type System can be manufactured in any aperture configuration, in any size. From square to round, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal, dodecagonal - we can build it!


Made in the USA

MDI's entire product line is researched, engineered, designed, and manufactured at our plant in Eugene, Oregon USA. This ensures ultimate quality control, the fastest custom order lead-time, and the most efficient customer service in the industry.


It's Digital

MDI is the leader in designing and manufacturing highly advanced digital technology for all industrial applications. MDI is able to customize our software to meet the specific requirements of our customers' applications.


Modular Construction

Ease of use is a key ingredient to the success and popularity of MDI Metal Detectors. Every unit features a modular design that enables our customers to plug and unplug vital components without hassle.


Exclusive NOLCO Dealer

MDI is the exclusive dealer of NOLCO fiberglass conveyor sections. These hand-laminated sections are custom fabricated to your exact specifications. NOLCO has built its reputation on workmanship, quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction. No section is too unusual or too big for NOLCO.

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