Under Conveyor Systems Service Prep Questions

The following questions are designed to enable our service technicians to assist you in a timely manner when calling MDI for technical support for your MDI Under Conveyor Metal Detector System.

Please have the following information available:

1.) Company name and location.

2.) Model of Control Chassis and serial number:

  • CCW–65A
  • CCW–67
  • CCW–78
  • HR–70
  • CR–85
  • CR–85 2000
  • CR–85 3000

3.) Current settings of the Control Chassis?

  • Sensitivity Gain Control: 1-10
  • Trip Point Selector: LO-MED-HI

NOTE: CCW-65A and CCW-78 chassis do not have a LO-MED-HI trip point selector. CCW-65A chassis have a secondary 1-10 setting on the panel meter as a trip point setting.

4.) Model of Function Block and serial number:

  • Analog Blocks
    • FB–1
    • FB–1SP
    • FB–1SS
    • FB–1SS OS
    • FB–1D
    • FB–2
    • FB–2SP
    • FB–2SS
    • FB–2SS OS
  • Digital Blocks
    • MP–3F
    • MP–4F
    • XR–7F
    • XR-8F

5.) Production number of search coil (if available)**:

**Search coil serial numbers may no longer be present on the search coil due to wear and time. All new MDI search coils are labeled with weather-proof vinyl serial number labels.

R-Series search coils and T-Series Standard search coils do not have serial numbers. T-Series Shielded and XR-3000 search coils are labeled with weather-proof vinyl serial number labels. MP-2000 search coil serial numbers can be found on the inside and the outside of the junction boxes.

6.) Condition of your search coil: cracks, scrapes, missing chunks, and any visiable damage on any part of the search coil will be pertinent information for our service technicians to have.

7.) Type of Installation:

  • Trough Belt Conveyor
  • Flat Belt Conveyor
  • Vibrating Conveyor
  • Roll Case Conveyor
  • Slide Conveyor

8.) For flat belt and trough belt conveyors, we will also need to know if a metal splice or metal clips are present on the belt.

9.) Material speed or belt speed in feet per minute.

10.) Type of machinery that the metal detector is protecting.

11.) Number of Variable Frequency Drives within 200 feet of the metal detector, and their respective proximities.