Surround Systems Service Prep Questions

The following questions are designed to enable our service technicians to assist you in a timely manner when calling MDI for technical support for your MDI Surround System.

Please have the following information available:

1.) Company name and location.

2.) Model of Control Chassis and serial number:

  • CR-85
  • CR-85 2000

3.) Current settings of the Control Chassis?

  • Sensitivity Gain Control: 1-10
  • Trip Point Selector: LO-MED-HI

4.) Model of Function Block and serial number:

  • Analog Blocks
    • FB–3
    • FB–3S
    • FB–3F
    • FB–3FR
  • Digital Blocks
    • MP–3
    • MP–4

NOTE: The Function Blocks on all TWA-2000 Surround type search coils are located in the junction box mounted on the side of the search coil.

5.) Production number of search coil (if available)**:

**Production numbers have been in use for TWA-2000 search coils since 1994. The production number will be located on the junction box lid, which is mounted on the side of the search coil. Older production numbers may no longer be present on the search coil due to wear and time. All new MDI search coils are labeled with weather-proof vinyl labels.

6.) Measurements of the aperture - dimensions of the opening:

  1. Vertical (Height)
  2. Horizontal (Width)
  3. Depth (Length)

7.) Condition of your search coil: Cracks, scrapes, missing chunks, and any visible damage on any part of the search coil will be pertinent information for our service technicians to have.

8.) Type of Installation:

  • Trough Belt Conveyor
  • Flat Belt Conveyor
  • Vibrating Conveyor
  • Roll Case Conveyor
  • Slide Conveyor

9.) Material speed or belt speed, in feet per minute.

10.) Type of machinery that the metal detector is protecting.

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